Hi, I'm Shahin,

I'm a Mindfulness Meditation Coach.   I teach simple and effective strategies that you can practice in your daily life to help you release anxiety and stress; bringing back a sense of calm and ease into your life.

I'm a Mindfulness Coach, Speaker, and Educator based in West Vancouver, BC.  I conduct workshops at community centres, businesses, and schools across Lower Mainland communities and across Canada.  I support parents, children, teachers, and employees in learning and incorporating Mindfulness strategies into their daily lives as a pathway to creating and crafting a life of gratitude, compassion, and self acceptance.  I believe that the practice of Mindfulness is a cornerstone in bringing about clarity, calm, and presence in our lives and in our relationships 


Mindfulness for Parents

Whether you're a parent of a toddler, a teen or a young adult, stress and worry become part of our DNA - I teach parents how to parent mindfully, so that they can go to bed each night with No Regrets.  

Mindfulness for Kids and Teens

Using art and play, I teach children brain based Mindfulness strategies that they can use everyday to:

  • Manage anxiety

  • Build resilience

  • Increase focus and attention

Meditation by the Sea

Private Coaching 


Need support during a challenging time in your life? Want a new start but don't know how?  I'd be honoured to support you in moving towards living a more meaningful and passionate life.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?  Need some mindfulness practices you can use right away? 
Download my free guide to practice mindfulness now!  

Through Mindfulness...we calm the chatter, quiet the mind, heal the soul.

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