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We all experience aging – sometimes with grace, oftentimes with anxiety and trepidation.  

At this stage in our lives, through mindfulness practices, we can gracefully experience aging with a deeper sense of awareness, gratefulness, and compassion.  


From this 4-week live online training, you will walk away with learning and practicing mindfulness skills that can support and help you cope with the many emotions that aging brings to your life.  

  • Bring Gracefulness into Your Aging Process

  • Work with Grief and Uncertainty of Life

  • Consider Your Life Plans and Decisions

  • Tap into Your Wisdom: Access the deep wisdom within you to guide your life choices.

  • Celebrate Life and Live Fully NOW 

  • Embrace the present moment and live a joyful, fulfilled life.

July 16-Aug 6 at 12 pm EST via Zoom

Choose Yourself!

Embrace Your Daily Life with  Awareness, Self-Acceptance and Ease.

Our day-to-day lives can be challenging and stressful– pulling us from one task to another, from one chaotic moment to another.  Often, it feels like we are running from or running to something; often, feeling like we don’t have time to be our authentic selves.

Are you longing to feel at home with yourself and others?

Are you longing to feel comfortable in your own skin?

Are you tired of constantly trying to meet others’ expectations?

Do you have a deep desire to be centred and grounded? Especially in times of turbulence and chaos in your life?

Then here is your opportunity!

Shahin is offering weekly sessions on Mindfulness.

Twice a week via Zoom Starts Sept 5th

Mondays And Thursdays 

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm EST via Zoom

Hi! I'm Shahin

I'm a Mindfulness Meditation Coach, Speaker, Author and Educator currently based in Toronto, Canada.  I conduct workshops at community centres, businesses, and schools across Lower Mainland communities in Vancouver BC and in Ontario.  My passion lies in supporting parents, children, teachers, and employees in learning and incorporating Mindfulness strategies into their daily lives as a pathway to creating and crafting a life of gratitude, compassion, and self-acceptance.  I believe that the practice of Mindfulness is a cornerstone in bringing about clarity, calm, and presence in our lives and our relationships. 

Learn more about me >


Want to feel more grounded? More Centred?

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A Children's Mindfulness Book with Parent Guide


Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Nurture your child to feel their big feelings and build emotional resiliency in the face of their tricky experiences. Ariya's friend Raindrop guides her to practice a powerful mindfulness skill in working with our emotions. Also, with the helpful parent's guide, Ariya makes Friends with RAIN provide a reassuring and memorable story for our children to cultivate mindfulness as a life skill.

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Margarida Macieira, Lamondance

Rehearsal Director

"Words cannot fully express Shahin's meditation workshop's profound impact. Having Shahin facilitate a workshop at Lamondance was an enlightening, transformative experience that left an indelible mark on each student. Shahin's extensive knowledge of scientific concepts and her practical tools for nervous system regulation created a workshop that was both unique and deeply impactful. 

What struck me most about Shahin's workshop was her remarkable ability to blend scientific knowledge with practical applications seamlessly. She eloquently explained the intricate workings of our nervous system, providing us with a solid foundation to understand the immense value of meditation and mindfulness practices. Her explanations resonated with me, allowing me to truly grasp the importance of cultivating inner peace and awareness.


What truly set this workshop apart was the ongoing check-ins and feedback that Shahin incorporated into the sessions. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, she was genuinely interested in the individual needs of each student. Her willingness to listen and adapt the workshop to address our unique concerns and challenges was refreshing and empowering. This personalized touch made the workshop incredibly relevant and engaging for all participants, leaving us with practical tools to navigate our dance journey more mindfully.


Shahin led us through various meditation techniques, teaching us practical and accessible methods to regulate our nervous system and discover a profound sense of inner balance and tranquillity. As dancers, we often face demanding physical and emotional pressures. Shahin's teachings provided powerful tools to manage stress, enhance focus, and nurture mindfulness in our dance practice and everyday lives.


I am grateful to Shahin for her inspiring workshop. Her expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication to the well-being of the students were apparent from the moment the workshop began. I eagerly anticipate her return to Lamondance, as her teachings have left an indelible mark on my life. The workshop was an unforgettable experience that has imbued me with a renewed sense of self-awareness, empowerment, and profound peace.”



-Margarida Macieira, Lamondace Rehearsal Director

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