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About Mindful Changes

About Mindful Changes
Welcome to Mindful Changes!  I'm Shahin. I'm a mindfulness teacher based in West Vancouver, BC in Canada. I present workshops and programs in Vancouver, other Lower Mainland communities, and across the country.

Mindful Changes is about sharing and teaching the practice of mindfulness with adults, children, adolescents, and students and teachers within the education system. My passion and my purpose is to inspire employees, parents, teachers, and children to learn and practice brain-based mindfulness with tools and strategies that will help them become more resilient to daily stressors. 

We live in a stressful and hectic time… a time where we have so much and yet we have  generations of children, teens, and adults who are at odds with themselves because they don't know how to handle the anxiety that stress brings on. How do we overcome everyday stress and cultivate a life of meaning? My mission is to inspire you and our children to live each moment mindfully, and to bring meaning and awareness into each day.   

Wouldn't it be so rewarding if we could be connected with ourselves and our children: those we teach, those we parent, coach, lead, or guide?  Mindfulness brings a conscious awareness to the world around us and eventually leads us to experience each moment with gratitude. 

Mindfulness for children, their parents and teachers

Teaching kids, teensmoms and dads and teachers, the art and science of mindfulness is to give them a life tool. How to be mindful is something that children will learn through my programs, and it will serve them well throughout their lives. Mindfulness can enhance children's happiness, as well as their performance at school. It increases their self-esteem and decreases anxiety.

I teach practical ways to live a life of being present and connected; whether it's while making breakfast, driving to afterschool activities, running errands, or coaching a team sport, teaching a class, or dealing with whatever comes our way. I will help you with specific tools to transform daily hectic lives into enjoyable and meaningful moments of awareness, peace, and calm.

What I offer

I offer mindfulness training and tools for people who want to live a meaningful life. If this interests you, I invite you to join me in this discovery of how to live a meaningful life.