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June 2017

Mindfulness for the Family

Mindfulness activities for family

Ah!  Summer… it’s finally here. And it feels so good. Summer has always symbolized “freedom” from schedules for me. But summer can also get very busy, very fast. Summer schedules can sometimes feel crazier than fall schedules! (Hence the big sigh of relief when school starts). We get so busy with summer camps, vacations, and …
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Mindfulness Hikes: Why Wouldn’t We?

Mindfulness hiking in Vancouver

Research has shown, and is continuing to show, the healing and restorative power of nature. Studies have found that spending time in nature can, amongst other things, increase wellbeing; help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression; promote creativity; assist with recovery from mental fatigue; help restore attention; boost the brain’s ability to think; and stimulate the …
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Mindfulness Training: Developing Emotional Literacy in Young Kids

Developing emotional intelligence

When you teach kids … how to recognize their feelings, understand where they come from and learn how to deal with them, you teach them the most essential skills for their success in life. …Additional data concludes that “young people with high EQ [emotional intelligence] earn higher grades, stay in school, and make healthier choices. Psychology Today, …
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Mindfulness Classes for 6 to 8-Year-Olds, Part 2: More Mindful Games

Mindfulness classes for kids

As we learned in Part 1 “Mindfulness Classes for 6 to 8-Year-Olds: Tips for Getting Started,” we can cultivate in our children present-moment awareness (mindfulness) by engaging their imaginations in mindful activities. Play-based mindful activities create a positive association in our children’s brains with the mindfulness skills they are learning. Mindfulness games and activities help …
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