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Mindfulness and Parenting

10 Back-to-school Tips for the Mindful Parent

Back to school tips

It’s that time of year again! Soon the leaves will be falling, and the days will get colder, shorter and darker. For many of us, it’s a favourite time of year – Ah, yes! Back to routine! And the cinnamon-spiced lattes. For kids, though, it’s often a mixed blessing. They will see friends they haven’t …
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Do You Have a “Chore-Resistant” Family?

Mindfulness and chores

Here in Vancouver, the sight of the sun streaming through the windows beckons us to head outdoors and enjoy the day. Then before I know it, August creeps up on me and I think of all the de-cluttering I’d planned to do over the summer. And once again I procrastinate because now the job seems too big. My mind resists the chores, and the things I should be doing keep playing in the back of my mind like an App on the iPhone that’s continuously running in the background.
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