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Mindfulness for Kids, Teens and Young Adults


If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” 

                      -Dalai Lama

Children and Adolescents experience many issues and situations that constantly trigger their stress response systems: deadlines at school, pressure to perform, peer pressure, busy schedules, social media, and so on.


As a Mindfulness Coach, I use art, crafts and games to teach children tools to help them to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives and provide practical skills and strategies for managing life in general.

Mindfulness workshops for kids and teens

Specifically for tweens, teens, and young adults, I have developed workshops that teach and explore these topics:

  • Being mindful – brain science and how it relates to mindfulness

  • Taking 100% responsibility for your life

  • Decide what you want

  • How to decide what you want

  • Goal setting

  • Masterminding your way to success

  • Gratitude and happiness

Each keynote or workshop is customized with the audience in mind. 

Workshops are held on a regular basis in Vancouver, BC and the Lower Mainland.  See the schedule here. If you have a group of parents who would like to have a workshop which addresses your needs, please contact me.  I also offer one-to-one parent coaching sessions.

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