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Mindfulness for Teachers

Mindfulness for teachers

Our  mindfulness for teachers program focuses on the practice of mindfulness both in the classroom and in the teacher's daily life outside the classroom. Mindfulness practice and tools for teachers are based on increasing clarity and composure. Our teacher training is available in Vancouver, BC and other parts of the Lower Mainland.

A teacher is one of the most important adults in a child's life. Being in sync with students is a gift for students and teachers alike. Most teachers intuitively know when they are out of sync with students, or with themselves.

Why does mindfulness training for teachers matter?

When teachers use mindfulness tools and strategies during teaching moments, they report feeling more effective and energized. When teachers lose mindful awareness in the classroom they often report feeling drained and "cranky," and students report feeling disengaged and distracted. 

Mindful practice during teaching trains your attention, promotes emotional balance, fosters a sense of well-being, and leads to physiological and anatomical changes in the brain associated with these experiences. With mindful practice, studies have reported that teachers' stress-management skills also improve.

When students learn with their "mindful bodies," there is a noticeable difference in their engagement, interaction, and performance. The classroom is in sync, and you see noticeable improvements in the students' interactions with their teachers and with each other. When teachers practice along with their students, they receive the benefits of healthy relationships at work and at home. Their overall sense of well-being improves, and this in turn affects the well-being of kids in a positive way.

How does the Mindfulness for Teachers program work?

We have combined the practice of mindfulness with knowledge of brain science to create a program that helps teachers be effective, energized, and passionate in teaching and daily life.

  • Our programs are evidence-based and rooted in brain research.
  • We apply a whole-system approach by training educators and support staff in schools and community practitioners who work with children, and by offering tools and strategies to parents to reinforce in the home what children learn at school.
  • Our program is sustainable for communities because we also provide training for teachers and adults in teaching mindfulness to children.

What you'll learn in the Mindful Changes for Teachers program

In our half-day and full-day workshops for teachers, you will learn how to:

  • Cultivate present moment awareness
  • Foster positive focus in the classroom
  • Reduce daily stress
  • Improve positivity and calm in the classroom
  • Limit self-identification with negative thoughts and feelings
  • Build and improve focus
  • Quickly recover from adversity

Course format

We offer half-day, full-day and/or lunch-hour workshops for your school or community in Vancouver, BC and the Lower Mainland.

Please contact us to schedule dates and times.