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Mindfulness Workshops & Speaking in Vancouver

Mindfulness workshops
If you are considering a mindfulness workshop for your Vancouver group or event, consider Mindful Changes.

Shahin speaks about mindfulness from the heart and relates to audiences with an engaging and conversational style.

People come to mindfulness workshops and speaking events for various reasons, some of which are to:

  • learn something new
  • find their purpose or vision
  • create energy that can propel them toward their vision
  • get out of their comfort zone, and
  • find meaning in their lives.

Benefits of mindfulness workshops

Here are three key benefits the audience will get when you invite Shahin to speak at an event or lead a workshop:

  • Energy and excitement to start living a meaningful life
  • Increased clarity
  • Increased confidence to move towards their purpose and goals

Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone. Neil Donald Walsh

Mindfulness workshops for kids and teens

Specifically for tweens, teens, and young adults, Shahin has developed workshops that teach and explore these topics:

  • Being mindful – brain science and how it relates to mindfulness
  • Taking 100% responsibility for your life
  • Decide what you want
  • How to decide what you want
  • Goal setting
  • Masterminding your way to success
  • Gratitude and happiness

Each keynote or workshop is customized with the audience in mind. 

Schedule a mindfulness workshop or speaking

To schedule a workshop or speaking engagement in the Greater Vancouver area, or if you have questions, please contact me.