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The end of summer and the beginning of a school year can be hectic! This is especially so for educators… the pillars of our communities. As we all know, an anxious, tired brain isn’t primed for learning and inspiration. Being an educator is not a 9-5 job… it enters all phases of our lives.  

It’s vital that, as educators, you put on your mask first so you can inspire, encourage, guide and teach all your students as they come into your classrooms with hope in their eyes and hearts.  

Set yourself up for success as an educator with renewed energy and insight.

This program is designed for a diverse range of educators and professionals, including Pre-service teachers, Pre-K - Grade 12 teachers, leaders, support staff, teacher educators, and anyone who plays a role in supporting the learning of our children. We value your contribution and believe this program can benefit you.

Transform your daily work by scaffolding it with trauma-informed mindfulness practices that will provide you with practical skills to stay grounded during moments of chaos in the classroom, staff room, and home.

Mindfulness for Educators

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