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I'm Shahin

I'm a mom on a mission!  As a mom of two teenage daughters who have been my teachers and my inspiration. At various phases of our lives, whether it be what I would describe as a "rut," a time in our lives where we are simply 'existing' and going through the motions; or a crisis that we are going through, whether it be illness or loss; we often feel ill-prepared and sometimes overwhelmed at how to manage our sanity.  


We've all been through trying and challenging times.  When I was going through a particularly overwhelming time in my life, I knew that I was ill-prepared to manage my sanity and, hence, my children's well-being.  So, I re-energized, re-focused, and re-discovered what I knew to be true - that the way in which I was living was not sustainable. 


As I reflected, I learned that I needed to calm the chatter in my mind and heal my soul.  I began a deep and meaningful journey into Mindfulness, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Yoga, and Reiki.  I received my certification as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher through Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach's Teacher Certification Program. I got my Masters in Education degree in Contemplative Inquiry and have completed and received certification from Dr. Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry Course and Eckhart Tolle's Teacher of Presence course.  My work involves continuously learning from teachers such as Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Oren Jay name a few.


Through this journey, evolved my Company, Mindful Changes with Shahin.   I am a  Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, Speaker, Author and Educator currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I support parents, teachers, teens and children with private coaching sessions and speak and conduct workshops at schools, organizations, and community centres across Canada. 

In my previous career, I was an Occupational Hygienist, training and educating employees in Occupational Health and Safety - How chemical and physical stresses in the workplace can affect our well-being. Now, my work revolves around supporting individuals in accessing and incorporating Mindfulness strategies in our daily lives as a pathway to create and craft a life of inner peace, love, compassion, and self-acceptance.

I believe that the daily practice of Mindfulness can bring about a clarity that allows us to savour the moment and live a meaningful and passionate life.  Would you like to join me on the heart-based journey?

"Before taking the mindfulness classes I wasn't sure what to expect, but after the first class, I knew that was one of the best things I did for myself...She used perfect examples and great exercises to make mindfulness more practical. Thank you again Shahin!"

Atousa Soroushi

MBSR Course Participant

"The fact that we could ask any question and get a thorough answer.  I felt that Shahin was patient and was able to walk us through her work in a way that I felt clear about the information."

Harmony Charron

I" thought it was very helpful, especially due to all the craziness happening in my life,  Shahin really helped with all the feelings and emotions going on."


Mindful parenting class participant

Her light and powerful energy immediately filled the room, creating a sense of tranquillity and guidance for all of us. She fostered an environment free of judgment and negativity, offering practical dynamics and activities, allowing us to explore and grow without fear.


Her ability to make the subject of mental health more accessible and understandable through these activities was truly remarkable. It allowed us dancers and directors to actively engage with the topic and delve deeper into our mental well-being.


Incorporating practical exercises and discussions made exploring mental health a little easier. It helped us understand the importance of mental health and identify ways to apply what we learned in our daily lives.


I want to express my gratitude for your dedication and commitment to making the workshop a meaningful and impactful experience for all of us. Shahin's practical dynamics, activities and knowledge added another layer of depth to mental health, and we are incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from her. The workshop was truly transformative, and we eagerly look forward to any future opportunities to learn and share the space with her.” -


Davi Rodrigues Artistic Director - Lamondance, Vancouver, Canada

"Words cannot fully express Shahin's meditation workshop's profound impact. Having Shahin facilitate a workshop at Lamondance was an enlightening, transformative experience that left an indelible mark on each student. Shahin's extensive knowledge of scientific concepts and her practical tools for nervous system regulation created a workshop that was both unique and deeply impactful. 

What struck me most about Shahin's workshop was her remarkable ability to blend scientific knowledge with practical applications seamlessly. She eloquently explained the intricate workings of our nervous system, providing us with a solid foundation to understand the immense value of meditation and mindfulness practices. Her explanations resonated with me, allowing me to truly grasp the importance of cultivating inner peace and awareness.


What truly set this workshop apart was the ongoing check-ins and feedback that Shahin incorporated into the sessions. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, she was genuinely interested in the individual needs of each student. Her willingness to listen and adapt the workshop to address our unique concerns and challenges was refreshing and empowering. This personalized touch made the workshop incredibly relevant and engaging for all participants, leaving us with practical tools to navigate our dance journey more mindfully.     


Margarida Macieira, Lamondace Rehearsal Director, Vancouver, Canada

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