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Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? 
Wondering where to start?
Let's talk, contact me for a complimentary session 


Mindfulness for Parents

Whether you're a parent of a toddler, a teen or a young adult, stress and worry become part of our DNA - I teach parents how to parent mindfully, so that they can go to bed each night with No Regrets.  


Mindfulness for Kids and Teens

Using art and play, I teach children brain based Mindfulness strategies that they can use everyday to:

  • Manage anxiety

  • Build resilience

  • Increase focus and attention

Meditation by the Sea

Private Coaching 


Need support during a challenging time in your life? Want a new start but don't know how?  I'd be honoured to support you in moving towards living a more meaningful and passionate life.

Hi! I'm Shahin

I'm a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Coach, Speaker, and Author currently based in Toronto, Ontario.  I conduct workshops at community centres, businesses, and schools across Canada.  I support parents, children, teachers, and employees in learning and incorporating Mindfulness strategies into their daily lives as a pathway to creating and crafting a life of gratitude, compassion, and self-acceptance.  I believe that the practice of Mindfulness is a cornerstone in bringing about clarity, calm, and presence in our lives and in our relationships.

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