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"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the workshop Shahin conducted for the Lamondance Arts Society. The meditation workshop was a remarkable experience for all of us at Lamondance.


In these challenging times that the world is going through, her workshop brought much-needed awareness to the importance of mental health. Shahin provided us with practical tools and techniques to navigate our day-to-day lives and find balance amidst the emotional pressures we face as dancers and adults in the making.


Her light and powerful energy immediately filled the room, creating a sense of tranquillity and guidance for all of us. She fostered an environment free of judgment and negativity, offering practical dynamics and activities, allowing us to explore and grow without fear.


Her ability to make the subject of mental health more accessible and understandable through these activities was truly remarkable. It allowed us dancers and directors to actively engage with the topic and delve deeper into our mental well-being.


Incorporating practical exercises and discussions made exploring mental health a little easier. It helped us understand the importance of mental health and identify ways to apply what we learned in our daily lives.

Davi Rodrigues Artistic Director - Lamondance 

I think the course is very informative and I have learned new ways to deal with stress and communication


Parent, Mindful Parenting Course

I thought the course was very helpful, especially due to all the craziness happening in my life, Shahin really helped with all the feelings and emotions going on.


Mindfulness Parenting Course

Thank you for a timely presentation!  Our team loved it!  Your way of explaining Mindfulness and how it relates to our day-to-day lives was very informative.  The participants felt they could all use the practices in their own lives.  

Stanley Wu 

Royal Bank West Vancouver

Before taking the mindfulness classes I wasn't sure what to expect, but after the first class I knew that was one of the best things I did for myself...She used perfect examples and great exercises to make mindfulness more practical. Thank you again Shahin!

Atousa Soroushi

MBSR Course Participant

The fact that we could ask any question and get a thorough answer.  I felt that Shahin was patient and was able to walk us through her work in a way that I felt clear about the information

Harmony Charron 

I thought it was very helpful, especially due to all the craziness happing in my life,  Shahin really helped with all the feelings and emotions going on.


Mindful Parenting Class participant


Shahin is deeply insightful, she is sensitive and thoughtful. Her comments, insights and provoked us to think outside the box, offering creative suggestions and listenned attentively always giving us something tangible to support us in our process.

A very gifted facilitator, mentor, and coach.

I highly recommend her sessions.

Azmina Kassam

I have been seeing Shahin for many years as a mindfulness coach, with life events, business, and parenting. She is a truly powerful soul who brings out the best in all around her. Her knowledge and ability to communicate effectively and directly are gifts.

I have recommended her to patients of mine, as well as other friends, and even my own daughters. I am eternally grateful for her ongoing help and support.

Dr. Jordana Aziz

“Shahin is an engaging speaker who brings authenticity and empathy to her work. The feedback we’ve gotten has been overwhelmingly positive with participants sharing not only how much they liked the practical tips that Shahin shared with us, but that they’re actually going to be putting them into daily practice. I love how Shahin went beyond the mindfulness component but backed her content up with science. Through simple language, relatable examples, and effective demos, Shahin was able to truly connect with the participants. I’d definitely recommend working with Shahin to educate your community on mindfulness, I’d definitely be reaching out to her again to lead more wellness webinars for us!”


Michelle Relevante

Communications Manager, BC Foster Parents Association

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