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Mindfulness for Parents 


Some days being a parent is exhausting. 

We’ve all had those moments when we think: “Will this child never go to sleep?” “How do I diffuse this tantrum?” “How do I deal with these tears and heartache?” "How do I get my child to talk to me?"

We all have our own management tools to deal with the ups and downs of being a parent: rushing through breakfast, driving kids to and from school and activities, getting them through dinner, arguing about screen time, worrying throughout the day & sometimes night if "we're doing the right thing" and finally, making it to bedtime.

Mindful parents are more likely to raise mindful children. Stress in adults leads to increased stress in their immediate environment and for their kids who share it with them.  We absorb the stresses from our workplace, and children absorb our emotions.


Unmanaged stress in adults and children leads to negative outcomes, including:

  • Behavioural issues

  • Poor health

  • Problems with attention and impulse control

  • Decreased academic outcomes

  • Social problems

  • Decreased performance at work and school

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Decreased attendance at work and school

My mindfulness for parents programs and workshops are based on the core belief that all families are unique, so we do not claim to have “the one perfect approach” to mindful parenting.

Rather, when parents implement small, daily, mindful practices that promote social and emotional well-being, they're better prepared to respond to the many challenges of raising children.

I provide moms and dads, easy-to-implement tools and strategies grounded in the knowledge that small mindful changes in how we approach and interact with our children, whether they are 2 or 22, can make a big difference in our attachment and connection with them.

What you’ll learn:

The mindfulness for parents coaching and programs presents the results of research on how the brain works, how mindfulness practice affects the brain, and teaches you how to:

  • build “grit” and resilience in your child

  • increase self-confidence in yourself and your child

  • decrease stress in the home

  • regulate your own emotions during times of stress, and

  • nurture and grow the practice of gratefulness and empathy in your child.

The mindfulness and parenting strategies are  easy-to-implement and these small tweaks and consistent changes can make a huge difference in your home, your life and your children's lives.  

Workshops are held on a regular basis in Vancouver, BC and the Lower Mainland.  See the schedule here. If you have a group of parents who would like to have a workshop which addresses your needs, please contact me.  I also offer one-to-one parent coaching sessions. 

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